March 2020

Having Subtlety!

The seed becomes a tree, and then the tree becomes a seed. So, the seed finds fulfillment in becoming a seed again. In the same way, human life finds its fulfillment when it realizes the vast nature of its Being; When it realizes, I am not just the body, I am more than the body. I am not just an individual; I am much more than that! This realization alone can bring fulfillment. Till this awareness comes, there is restlessness inside.

Teachers Trained as Mediators

Justice Mehta and 12 other legal luminaries trained the first batch of The Art of Living teachers to become mediators. These trained teachers will be working with mediation cells in various courts across India to solve conflicts and reduce the burden of an overloaded judiciary.

The Vedaranyeswarar temple in Vedaranyam

The Vedas are the eternal doctrine of wisdom for Hinduism and are the ultimate source of spiritual knowledge created for the benefit of all humanity. Once the four Vedas - Rig Veda, Yajur Veda, Sama Veda and Atharva Veda took up personified forms as Vrikshams (Trees) and worshipped Lord Shiva as the Absolute Parabrahman, in a place called Thirumaraikadu in Tamil Nadu! Henceforth, this blessed place came to be known as Vedaranyam!

Why Eat Local?

In just the past few years, consumers across the world have become obsessed with buying local foods. It is a remarkable shift, considering one of the main drivers of global trade over the past five hundred years was to make foods from around the world ubiquitously available year- round. One of the reasons why foods that are native to a region are of increasing interest is that they tend to have more flavor and better health properties than if the same food was grown elsewhere.

Yoga on the move!

‘Sitting is the new smoking’ – we’ve all heard this by now. If you look at the statement from the copywriter’s viewpoint, it’s a great one. In one line you’re brought to terms with this revelation that sitting for extended hours is harmful for health. Obviously the statement is grossly exaggerated and in the latest issue of the American Journal of Public Health, researchers from Canada, the US and Australia debunked this myth as well. Sitting for long hours however harmful it may be, cannot be compared to smoking.