August 2016

Boundaries Don't Matter

Today, we are living in an age where boundaries don’t matter; it is a global village where connectivity has increased multifold, compared to what it was several decades ago. In this era of technological advancement where we also face many challenges, we need to ask ourselves if we are empowered enough to face these challenges.

A Village Reaped the Benefits of Fodder Depot

Since the last three years, Maan village in the Satara District of Maharashtra has been facing severe drought and this year it was at its worst. Scarcity of water and fodder was the main worry of animal owners.A great sigh of relief came about as the Art of living established its first fodder depot to help the animal owners. Fodder depot was started for the indigenous animals. The Art of living provides 15kg of fodder per animal daily for which the owner has to pay only 20 rupees. Only half of the expenditure is borne by the animal owners.  

Breathing Exercises for Relaxion

Do you know, a little attention on the way we breathe can open up numerous secrets to good health? Increased immunity, a calm and relaxed mind, and a happy state of being, for starters? All this by learning to breathe right!
But who needs to learn how to breathe? Doesn’t it keep happening on its own all the time? Yes, but pranayamas (breathing techniques) help regulate the flow of breath, removing any blocks in the nadis (subtle energy channels) so that both our body and >mind stay healthy.

Caring for the Environment

Every year during Guru Purnima the Art of Living undertakes tree plantation drives. This year too, the volunteers of the Art of Living with the help of locals and students planted thousands of trees across the country. The reduction of the forest cover has created an ecological imbalance. The idea of this initiative is to encourage and motivate people to join hands towards a pollution free clean and green environment.  

Infinity Day

8 - ∞
August 8th, 8-8 is observed as Infinity Day. Interesting to note that 8 placed horizontally is similar to infinity .
Anantha, Infinity

The concept of “infinity” comes from the Samskrt word “Anantha”. Anantha means infinite.