February 2016

Revive The Spirit in You

Human life is a combination of the concrete and the abstract. Our body is concrete and our mind is abstract. Both positive and negative thoughts emanate from the same brain. We know very little about ourselves. Being better aware of our own mind helps us to understand life better.

If you are committed to doing something to uplift life around you, if you are committed to compassion, to creativity, then the world will be a wonderful place. More often than not, we are stuck in our own mindsets.

Celebrating Motherhood with Yoga

Birth is not only about making babies. It’s about making mothers. Such is the feeling of Meghana Kalta, mother to a beautiful one-year-old daughter named Tarini, which signified Goddess Durga.Here, Meghana shares with Shradha Sharma her experience of being a new-born mother.    

Ganga Dussehra

The Ganga, largest and most sacred of India’s rivers, holds a unique place in the consciousness of an Indian. Ganga originates from the Gangotri glacier at Gaumukh in the Indian Himalayas at Gaumukh in the Indian Himalayas at 4,100 metres above sea level and flows 2,525 km across northern India before meeting the Bay of Bengal in the east. As a river, the Ganga contributes to more than 25 percent of India’s total water resources. The Ganga descending from the Himalayas, nourishes the Gangetic plain with its holy waters providing livelihood to hundreds of people, irrigating fields, enriching crops, its banks are amongst the most densely populated areas in the country.    

Nutritional Guidance for lifestyle management in Blood Pressure

Lifestyle plays an important role in treating high blood pressure. If you successfully control your blood pressure with a healthy lifestyle, you might avoid, delay or reduce the need for medication. Here are 10 lifestyle changes you can make to lower your blood pressure and keep it down.    

Social Skills

Many people are blind to a reality. That society itself is an institution. It has many social institutions with in it. But many citizens of a society are not educated on this topic of social energy. If you isolate yourself from social connect, then there are possibilities of developing a gap.