October 2019

The Vastness of the Unknown

The more we come to know about life, we only find out that, we do not know so much more. What increases is our realization that, there is still so much we do not know. The more we know, the more we come to realize the vastness of the unknown and that, we have not learnt much about life.

Art of Living rushes relief to flood affected states

The year 2019 has seen flooded rivers, record rainfall and cloudbursts inundating vast tracts in Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Kerala, Karnataka, Punjab, Assam, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Bihar. Release of water from dams and barrages, and landslides and cloudbursts in States like Uttarakhand, have further compounded the danger. Hundreds of lives have been lost and thousands of people have been displaced.

Overpowering Asthma with Yoga

Your office colleagues have organized a football match and want you to be a part of it. It sounds like an interesting prospect but you decline to join them and instead support them from the stands. Similar situations have crossed your paths so many times and every time you’ve passed them. What is it that holds you back? Is the fear of another asthma attack stopping you from playing your favorite game or enjoying your life to the fullest? Shouldn’t you be the one who dictates the terms of your life rather than your ailment?

Perfect hair every day

With the modern-day lifestyle, it seems a little difficult to really make everyday a perfect hair day. Hard water, pollution, dust, wrong eating habits and improper sleep are a few reasons that lead to weak, dull and dry hair. You may wear the best of your outfits but it is good hair that makes it look perfect. It is important to pay attention to your hair, to not just look good but also to feel good.

Smart Yoga for Smartphone users

Is your mobile phone causing pain in the neck? Or the head? Or the shoulders? We live in the era of advanced technology and mobile phones are inarguably the most widely used gadget around the world. From education to health, personal relationships to business, mobile devices are fundamentally changing our world.But with their extensive use, or rather abuse, they have also brought in some additions to lifestyle hazards.