December 2016

Harmony in Diversity

We keep going round and round aimlessly, in circles of violence and stress, with no purpose in life, not knowing where we are heading. When we just take a little time to reflect on what is it that we want, where are we heading - one thing becomes very clear, and that is, we all want happiness.

Are You Getting What Your Body Needs Nutritionally?

If you feel like something is a little off, you may be lacking in some key vitamins or minerals. They help your cells and organs work the way they should and boost your immune system, amongst other things. Usually, the best way to get them is through foods that are rich in these.

Energy Enhancing Yoga

Does your routine day involve traveling to work, staring at the computer screen for hours, being stuck in traffic jams on the way back home, and feeling too exhausted at the end of the day to spend time with your loved ones? Are you unable to pursue your hobby over weekends because of an over-stressful week at work? If the answer ‘yes’, then your body is probably suffering from low prana or energy levels.

The Art of Living Inaugurates Skill Training Center to Electrify India

The Art of Living’s Sri Sri Kaushal Vikas Kendra for Renewable Energy, a skills training center was opened in the presence of Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Founder, The Art of Living in association with technology partner, Schneider Electric in the premises of The Art of Living International Center in Bangalore on November 15, 2016.

Where Only Sanctity and Reverence Matter

The ancient Sri Uthamar Kovil in Tamilnadu is not only one of the celebrated Divyadesams of Lord Vishnu but a very rare place, where the devout can worship all the three Gods of the sacred Trinity in Hinduism. However, the main deity of this temple is Lord Vishnu, who is worshipped as Lord Purushottamar along with His consort Goddess Lakshmi, who is worshipped as Goddess Poornavalli! It is believed that King Janaka, the King of Janakapuri and the father of Princess Sita, as per the Hindu Epic Ramayana, constructed the original Sri Uthamar Kovil!