September 2018

Meditation: The art of listening to God

We came into this planet with a sense of belongingness and a sense of connectedness to everyone around us. What happened? Where did we lose it? We have actually not lost it, it has been with us all the time, it only got covered. Meditation is that which uncovers the true nature of ‘who we were’ and ‘who we will be’! Meditation brings simplicity and innocence, sharpness to our intellect and makes our emotions softer.

Heal the heel with Yoga

Heel pain, whether caused by Plantar Fasciitis, Heel Spurs or other reasons, affect 60% of individuals during the entire lifetime. Along the bottom of your foot, is a thick tissue called the “Plantar Fascia”? When it becomes inflamed, due to overuse or walking on uneven grounds, especially in old shoes, then it gets inflamed. This problem can keep you off trail for days, weeks or months.

Healing heartburn naturally

You have just finished a fantastic 5-course meal and are content, sitting back and relaxing! Until you get that burning feeling in your chest...and then you begin popping antacids... lots of antacids! Many people believe that they are simply plagued with heartburn, that they are powerless to prevent it. Here are a few tips to help heal heartburn naturally:• Reduce fat. Eat more complex carbohydrates and lean proteins • Go easy on chocolates, coffee and foods such as raw onions • Reduce citrus fruits and spicy foods.

The Kamakhya Temple in Assam

The Kamakhya temple is one of the oldest of the 108 Shakti Peethas present in the Indian subcontinent. This temple is located on Neelachala Parvat or Kamagiri. The Goddess Shakthi residing on the Kamagiri hill is popularly known as Goddess Kamakhya, the granter of desires. The Kalika Purana, an ancient treatise in Sanskrit, describes Goddess Kamakhya as the young bride of Lord Shiva and the granter of all desires, including salvation!

Tips to increase energy by food

1. Eat High Prana Food - Prana means Life force or vital energy. Fresh vegetables and fruits are high in prana and give an immediate energy boost. 2. Eat maximum Organic, Seasonal and regional food - Organic foods have more prana than foods exposed to chemical, fertilisers, and pesticides. If your body has to work hard to purify the chemicals every time you eat, you’ll feel a lack of energy(tired) and toxic.3. Increase the Food With High Life Force and High Intelligence - Choose fresh and natural products.