January 2018

Give Miracles a Chance

Faith gives instant comfort. While reasoning keeps you sane and grounded, miracles cannot happen without faith. Faith takes you beyond limitations. In faith you can transcend the laws of nature but your faith must be pure!

Kick Start Your Metabolism

Many people attribute their failed weight loss efforts to a slow metabolism. Some look for answers in a magic pill or meal replacement powders. The truth is, no pill or artificial aid can speed up your metabolism. The reason why these mistaken notions exist is because most people don’t understand how the human metabolism works.


A good civilization must have education that will mould its people into role models. Success of a civilization is when its people and society do not need external prohibitions. Can law and order prevail without imposition of curfews? If not, it is justifiable to demand introspection into the method of interface among people. Have we established this fact, that external policing is essential, important and urgent? Then, what is the next action? We must bring education for the minds among all members of our society.

Reviving Water Bodies in Chennai

The Art of Living has taken on the mammoth task of cleaning and rejuvenating 453 water bodies under its Jag Pavani Project in Chennai. The pond revival program called “Namma Ooru! Namma Kulam!” includes treating the water with Jag Pavani, a bio- solution developed in-house by The Art of Living, to treat polluted water in drains, ponds and rivers. Unlike chemical cleaning products which pollute the underground water and surrounding eco-system, the enzyme is harmless and has been shown to improve fish survival, remove foul smell, and reduce mosquitoes and flies.

Three levels of perfection

There are three levels of perfection - Perfection in action, speech and the way one feels. Someone acts violently, some others speak violently, some feel violent inside. This is all the same. What we have to do is to guard ourselves. You can aim at is identify what you are perfect at. You may be good at action but not in speech. Now improve that, look to that, become more hollow and more empty, then you start feeling good about it.