June 2019

As the Mind Evolves…

There are three stages in the Evolution of the Mind. The first stage is being in Maya (illusion) and not knowing it.The second stage - being caught up in delusion and knowing that it is delusion. The third stage - being completely free of Maya and remaining unaffected by it.

Art of Living First Aid Awareness App: Saving lives in the nick of time

The Art of Living is taking giant strides in emergency health care. Joining efforts with G1, an integrated health platform, The Art of Living added Delhi NCR as the third city after Bhubaneshwar and Hyderabad for a pilot run of this project. The project is aimed at creating awareness about first aid measures during medical emergencies. Volunteers are being trained to become efficient first responder with the aim to reduce the emergency response time from 15-20 mins to less than 5 mins.

How To Make the Yamas and Niyamas Work for You in the Modern World

Practicing yoga is much more than the postures. Learning to integrate the full “on and off the mat” practice including observing the five Yamas and Niyamas—yoga’s guide on social and personal ethics— in your daily life can transform you and your yoga practice. Our thoughts, actions, decisions, interactions with others, our daily routines, our surroundings, everything can reflect the extent of our Yoga practice.

Ten forms of enmity

All of us at one time or other feel a sense of enmity against, some thing or someone. This feeling is either momentary or of a longer duration, depending upon our spiritual or mental level. But have we ever considered the rational behind this feeling? It is always “The other fellow” or thing which is at fault and cause us this feeling? Is it the only Truth? Can it not be otherwise?

Yoga poses to stop your snoring

Laugh and the world laughs with you, snore and you sleep alone! Snoring is generally brushed aside with a few jokes. But unfortunately, snoring is a serious and widespread problem affecting both, the snorer and the person subjected to it. The former can suffer from stroke and heart conditions while sleepless nights affect the latter, bringing with it, all kinds of other problems.