November 2018

This World Is An Illusion

All that you have been holding onto, all that which has been binding you to a limited existence and limited awareness suddenly vanishes when you realize that this world is an illusion!


Your brain needs multiple kinds and types of activities. Ask the senior citizens. They will tell you about collection of postal stamps and of money coins from their travels. But such words are only heard in museums now. Has events and circumstances of hobby disappeared forever? Not so. Hobbies cannot simply vaporize. People will retrieve their hobbies, in another form.

Painless Tooth Extraction

Yoga and Ayurveda are the ancient science of Indian Wisdom. As a remedy nowadays people are looking towards it for many ailments. Ayurveda not only deals with medical line of treatment but it also deals with surgical treatments. One such surgical treatment by yoga technique is “Painless Tooth Extraction using Jalandhara Banda Yoga” Tooth Extraction by Jalandhara Bandha Yoga requires No Anesthesia! No Injection! No Spray! No Antibiotics! & No Analgesics! It is purely a combination of Yoga & Ayurvedic Technique.

Super Brain Yoga exercises to boost your gray matter

Every day after you wake up, the health of your body sets the tone for the day. Any ailment in the body can put a dampner on your enthusiasm and become a hindrance in performing daily tasks. Many yoga asanas can help you stay physically healthy, but that’s not the only prerequisite for holistic well being. Your mental health is equally crucial.

The Sri Bhu Varaha Swamy temple at Srimushnam

This wonderful temple dedicated to the Varaha(Man- Boar) incarnation of Lord Narayana is present in Srimushnam in the Indian state of Tamilnadu. Lord Vishnu is worshipped in this temple as Lord Bhu Varaha Swamy. The Lord’s consort, Goddess Lakshmi, is worshipped in a separate shrine as Goddess Ambujavalli Thayar. This Temple is one of the eight Swayambu (self-manifest) Kshetrams of Lord Narayana.