Yoga for frozen shoulders

What are some of the best asanas in yoga for frozen shoulders? After you wake up in the morning, do some warm-up exercises like light jogging, shaking, or jumping jacks - or better yet, start your mornings with suryanamaskars or sun salutations! After the body is warm and ready, you can focus on frozen shoulder exercises like shoulder rolling, neck rolls, and then, move onto twisting postures and, eventually, do some advanced poses like back-bending and heart-opening.

Rebuilding Flood Ravaged Kerala

The floods in Kerala and Karnataka have left behind a trail of devastation in their wake. Massive disaster relief efforts are underway with The Art of Living volunteers reaching out to 50,000+ victims in all 14 flood-affected districts. Over 1000 yuvacharyas have been working round the clock, shifting people from affected areas to safer regions and providing them with food, water, clothes and other basic necessities.

The Rama Raja temple in Orchha, Madhya Pradesh

The Rama Raja temple is a rare and a unique temple in India, where Lord Rama is worshipped both as God and a King. This magnificent temple is a part of a royal palace in Orchha, Madhya Pradesh. This temple is very popular and visited by thousands of devotees every year. This is the only temple in India where police personnel are designated as the guards of this temple. Lord Rama is given a ‘Guard of Honour’and a ‘Gun salute’ every day.

Heal the heel with Yoga

It is a progressive position to be in-that of a student! The basis of learning is the ability to seek. If you think that you are endowed with all the information, then what follows is pride and vanity. But learning happens to those who are willing to seek. Do you agree that, you are not in knowledge of, everything about yourself? Are there areas that can be improved, within of you? Now then, you can embark on the pursuit of discovery.

How to have a Smoother Cycle

Ayurveda considers the menstrual cycle a blessing. Its purpose is not only to prepare the body for conception and pregnancy but also to cleanse toxins out of the system. Women have a unique chance to renew their body every month, and with a few simple ayurvedic adjustments their cycle can be more comfortable.