August 2018

The Evolving Mind

There are three stages in the evolution of the mind. The first stage is being in Maya (illusion) and not knowing it. The second stage is, when one is caught up in delusion and he knows that it is delusion. The third stage is that in which one finds oneself completely free of Maya and remains unaffected by it.

Commitment and Convenience

A commitment can only be felt when it oversteps convenience. That which is convenient, you do not call commitment! If you just go by your convenience, your commitment falls apart causing more inconvenience! If you keep dropping your commitment because it is inconvenient, can you be comfortable? Often, what is convenient does not bring comfort, but gives an illusion of comfort. Also if you are too stuck in commitment, and it is too inconvenient too often, you will be unable to fulfill your commitment and it will only generate frustration.

Keep your kidneys healthier with yoga

Kidneys perform the vital function of purifying the blood by filtering the waste from it. They also help in the functioning of the urinary system, secretion of hormones and maintenance of blood pressure level in the body. Kidneys also have the additional function of homeostasis or maintaining the level of acid and bases in the body. Clearly, kidneys are one of the most vital organs in the body and should be cared for.

Kick start your metabolism

Many people attribute their failed weight loss efforts to a slow metabolism. Some look for answers in a magic pill or meal replacement powders. The truth is, no pill or artificial aid can speed up your metabolism. The reason why these mistaken notions exist is because most people don’t understand how the human metabolism works.

Retrieve the mind from the senses

When you sit in meditation, what are the things that can bother you? The first thing that could come into your mind is lust. Second, greed can bother you. The third thing that could bother you is anger towards somebody. Jealousy can bother you. Entanglement or attachment, to somebody or something can bother you. So, it’s these four or five things that bother you.