July 2019

Guru is present like space in life

There is this song, ‘Ajo Ananthaya, Nitya Shudhaaya Sat-chid-ananda nanada GURU OM!’ Ajo (Never Born), Ananthanya (Infinity), Nitya Shudhaaya (Forever Pure), Sat-chid-ananda (Pure Bliss). That is the Guru tattva or Guru principle.

Boost fertility with yoga

Motherhood is one of the most joyful experiences in a woman’s life. Unfortunately, not everyone may get to experience it. Have you been ‘wishing’ or ‘trying’ for your little bundle of joy? If you have, you are not alone. There has been a steady rise in the number of couples seeking counseling and treatment for infertility. Long working hours, demanding schedules, and sky- high ambitions have ensured that modern lives are stressful. The resultant whirlwind lifestyle has led to fertility issues among the populace.

Know your Food

Food is the most integral part of our lives. Your food defines your energy levels as well as the way you think and operate. In a fast-paced modern life, our food habits have changed drastically. The modern Agricultural methods have played an important role in higher production of crops but they have ignored the benefits of the ancient farming methods. In order to increase the yield and protect the crops from the pests, new age methods are being implemented. Excessive use of these techniques has not just reduced the quality of our crop but also of the soil. This has deteriorated our health and left the farming lands barren causing a huge loss to our farmers!

Millions World Over Roll Out Their Yoga Mats With The Art Of Living

On 21 June, 2019, millions of Yoga enthusiasts from world over including Iran, Japan, Kuwait, UAE, Bahrain, Lebanon, US, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Nepal, New Zealand and other nations joined in the celebrations of fifth International Day of Yoga with The Art of Living and its partner organizations. The participating mix included Army Jawans, jail inmates, colleges and schools, home makers and office goers, farmers among others.

Volunteers Rush to Provide Relief to Victims of Cyclone Fani

Cyclone Fani might have left the shores of Odisha, but now is the time to put together the countless broken pieces of life and existence that were left behind. The Art of living is committed to this cause. With its dynamic volunteer base and extensive outreach in Odisha, the volunteers of the organisation have initiated mass scale relief operations to offer support to the effected in this hour of distress. Even before the cyclone hit, The Art of Living volunteers in places like Dhenkanal district put their efforts together with the administration to help evacuate people to safer places.